A newborn chess player

Αναδημοσιεύω που το μπλογκ του Dr. Ponojefalos.

Life is a chess game. A battle over a chessboard. Your goal?Win the game, destroy your opponent and, get the job, get the girl, buy a car, get in a university, pay the rent, pay the bank, pay the taxes, get fit. And of course you protect your own values of your life. Your family, the king, your home, the queen, your friends , the bishops, your dignity , knights and rooks. Personal budget? I would say pretty much every chessmen but lets say..the pawns.

Chess needs a careful planning of your next moves but definitely risk should be taken and even sometimes let luck do its job. So does life.

I admire the people who dare to try and fortunately some of them finally manage to change the game, change the rules and live there own lifes.Usually poorly paid, but leaving their dream. Maybe a small corner shop of hand made jewelries downtown at old Nicosia, or even a musician in a tiny apartment at Strovolos, feeding his self by distributing advertisments or be a garbage man.

But for the most of us, the rules and the game appears to be an unchangeable variable. School and university became a necessity. It is presented to us, the new chess players, as the ultimate goal.The only exit.  But what exit? Exit …. from what. The board is an unbreakable cell. You fool cannot escape it. This is life. You will finish university and find a job, but how stupid you should be believe even for a second that you would reach the exit?There isn’t any exit. Just the next room.

An invinsible barrier is placed in front of us. We become chessmen in our chess game. What we really want to be? Not what the world want us to be.

First step was made. You, the new born chess player, realised that the game has no end, no point, not any further goal or perpose.So go ahead, create one…but have in mind, the rules cannot change.Because this is how you were raised, this is what it was implanted in to your little brain during the first chess lessons you had.

school, university, job, money, happiness.THE MAGIC PATH.

Make your plan, set your goals …but this path is the one you should follow. This is the only way you were tough to play chess. The only moves you know.

Unfortunately Mr. Narrator you seem to forget something. You are not the master of your life. You can take decisions, make plans and dream, but it all depends on your opponent’s moves and reactions to yours. Yes, you can decrease possibilities but you will never be able to eliminate them.

Fight it, sacrifice some of your chessmen. Become the chess player you want to be, and maybe some day, maybe some day if you become a professional chess player you would be able to change the 64 little squares to a backgammon or a deck of playing cards…